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AL-Motamayez ® ERP Solution


ADVAC's ERP solution AL-Motamayez ® is a complete, consistent, integrated, and scalable software package which consists of a set of integrated system modules each one of them serves a specific group of applications.

It is available as DesktopWeb, Mobile applications, and supports both MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.


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ADVAC HIMS is a complete solution for managing hospitals operations. The main concept of the system is how to enable the user to manage and organize the workflow in both administrative and medical aspects in the hospital and enable access to the patient's data and make follow ups during the patent's stay in the hospital or even after checking out.

ADVAC Easy ®

 ADVAC Easy® is one of the top selling software at ADVAC. Although it is sold of-the-shelve and that it is designed to be very easy and simple to use; it is still very rich and reliable. It serves different business sectors varying from small to medium businesses such as but not limited to: wholesale or retail, small factories, contracting and services companies, etc.

Our Clients

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ADVAC Systems has gained the trust of more than 2500 clients during its operations in the Egyptian and the Arabic region since 1982, here we would like to introduce you to some of them categorized geographically (Egypt, then the Arab world: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and other countries as well) then sub-categorized by project or client business type.


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